The Coming Financial Infrastructure Inversion (Get Ready!)


Below is a great bitcoin video that will teach you about the coming “Infrastructure Inversion” that will happen with the current financial infrastructure because of bitcoin technology in the very near future.  The speaker (Andreas M. Antonopoulos) explains with examples of infrastructure inversions from history and how they were not so nicely accepted in society at the time.


Now that you know about what is to come with cryptocurrencies, now is the time to collect as much as you can…collect many different altcoins and backup the private keys and just save them for the future and you just might get as rich as Steve Jobs!

You can still collect 100% free coins (for now) and below are the best free coin sites and I recommend everyone to join them all and make sure to claim from them as often as you can because in the cryptocurrency world “Pennies Turn Into Dollars Over Time”.

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